Navigate Change, Tools for Uncertain Times

Transform negative emotions! Change your story! Nourish your wild soul!

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Take the time NOW to learn the tools and techniques you need to live the life you want, no matter how uncertain the times.


Learn tools for the Journey and transform your obstacles into challenges.

•Find peace, stay calm, and remain centered no matter what.

•Release your resistance to what is.

•Change your story, change your life.

•Breathe, move, create, express.

•Learn how to nourish yourself deeply.

•Listen to what your body is telling you.

•Identify and release blocks. Align with the flow.

•Identify your dreams, passions, and deepest needs.

• Infuse your spirit with compassion and experience a shift in all your relationships.

These courses will inspire, inform, and empower you to transform your life and find more ease. Using natural rhythms, indigenous wisdom, and traditional medicine, you will learn simple, easy to use techniques that will create lasting change.

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Hi, I’m Maria Cook.

I am an acupuncturist, a retreat leader, a healer, a kayaker, a sailor, and a woman's empowerment coach. I love helping people transform their lives, let go of negative stories, find peace and joy, and be their best selves. The world needs us to be all that we can be! Healing the world, one wild soul at a time!