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Navigating Change, Tools for Uncertain Times

Greetings and Blessings!

Anxiety is rampant right now. People aren't sure what to do or how their lives will look. No one knows if our lives will ever go back to what they were or if we will have to integrate huge changes. The ground beneath us is moving. It is unsettling, unnerving, and distressing. How can we make plans or decide how to proceed when we have no idea what is coming? Life doesn't feel safe. Most of us experience a constant low level anxiety. Or maybe it comes in waves. We might be okay for awhile, engaged in something distracting and compelling, and then it hits us: a sense of dread or unease, a feeling of being overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain.

And we know we are going to have to do some things differently. We are going to have to be flexible and resourceful. It doesn't help to worry about our loved ones or the future but it is hard to stop. And it is so important to stay healthy with a strong immune system, so we know we need to reduce stress. Life can be overwhelming! We need more tools.

If you want to feel better and more empowered so that you can stay centered and calm no matter what is happening around you, this class is for you.

Do you want some tools that are easy to use and that can really help? Do you want to learn some practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that can make a difference in how you feel? Are you ready to make a few changes so that you can let go of old patterns that don't really serve you?

Join us now on a journey to transform negative emotions, change your story, and nourish your wild soul with simple daily practices.

Over a period of 6 weeks, with a small amount of time invested each day, we are going to learn and practice ways of bringing lasting change. This online course is broken down into 6 sections, one for each week. Each section is chock full of information, exercises and suggestions to help you move from overwhelm to ease.

This is a self guided course so you can go at your own pace and work on the course with your own timing, or you can choose to keep pace with the 6 week program. You can be as gentle and slow as you want. It is your course, so you can pick and choose the tools that you want to explore. All the information and support you need will be available. The course will be there for you to refer to as long as you want to. It will be a great resource ongoing, and you can continue to refer to it and come back to the exercises and suggestions.

You are going to create a daily practice choosing a few of the tools that work best for you, and varying them as you gain exposure and insights.

We are going to be working with essential oils, acupressure protocols, qi gong exercises, journaling, guided visualizations, energy work, affirmations, Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, rituals and ceremonies that connect you to your intuition, and much more. In addition to the online modules, each week we will be meeting together in real time to answer questions and practice together.

You will have access to resources filled with information about eastern medicine, indigenous wisdom, essential oils, energy medicine, esoteric traditions, breathing techniques, communication strategies and so much more.

We will be exploring some of the issues that contribute to that feeling of overwhelm that is so hard to shake:

• Do you want some help to discover ways to deeply nourish yourself?

• Do you want to understand how you have been sabotaging your sense of self worth and learn how to quiet that inner critical voice?

• Do you want to learn how to calm your anxiety with simple practices and reassure yourself that the world is a safe place?

• Do you want to unleash your creative capacity and remain flexible and resourceful as life throws up obstacles which you could use as challenges?

• Do you want to be able to access a deep sense of peace and wholeness so that your relationships shift and support you, and you can offer the best support possible to the ones you love: an energetic invitation to join you in wellbeing.

You will learn about the 5 Element system that is the basis of this course. This system is a fascinating and elegant way to explore your inner world and various aspects and influences, your gifts and your challenges.

Each week you will receive another section, one for each element, plus an introductory section, with a description of the element and how that relates to you and to your concerns. You will get a work book with self assessment sheets, guidance for daily practice, energetic exercises, and questions to ponder. You will have another video demonstrating specific exercises appropriate for that element. And you will have an audio of a guided visualization.

You will be asked to look at and shine a light on the stories that you are telling yourself. Certain stories relate more to certain elements. This is a wonderful chance to begin to shift in a deep and lasting way.

• Imagine a life where fear didn't hold you back. Imagine having a strong connection to your intuition and your sense of knowing so you weren't constantly doubting yourself and your choices.

• What about a life where you could magnetize and attract the things you need without blocking your own good with stories about your worth or the need to put others first and ignore your own needs?

• Just think how life would feel if you could truly take care of yourself in ways that deeply nourished you.

• Suppose you could connect with long held dreams and buried ambitions and begin to allow yourself to experience a rich creative life and connection to your dreams and passions?

• Imagine if you could release your resistance to your life as it is and really embrace it and relish its gifts, including the full range of experience that life offers.

• What would life be like if you fully accepted yourself?

• Just imagine having more tools that empower you to change your inner world, which is the key to changing your outer circumstances.

Remember that the world needs you to be everything that you can be. The world needs your light.

You don't have to feel stuck in grief, concern, resentment or discouragement!

You can get from Overwhelm to a Sense of Ease and Navigate Changes with Grace!

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Course Curriculum

  Overview: The Transformational Process
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Earth: nurturing, grounding, centering and creating a strong container
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Metal-finding worth and letting go of what doesn’t serve
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Water- Experiencing safety, connect with the unknown
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Wood- Staying flexible and letting creativity flourish
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Fire- Embrace Life, Find Compassion, Connect through your Open Heart
Available in days
days after you enroll

Hi, I’m Maria Cook

I am an acupuncturist, a retreat leader, a kayaker, a sailor, and a women's empowerment coach. I love helping people transform. I have studied many modalities over the years and I am bringing you this course, chock full of the best tools, ideas, and encouragement. These are all practices that have helped me so much and I have seen them work their transformational magic in many settings.

I captained my 52' sailboat in the Caribbean offering adventure cruises and the chance to experience out of the way places, amazing beauty, and the transformative capacity of adventures in nature. I have led transformational journeys as kayak/camping trips for women in Puget Sound and in Belize, rowing and sailing trips in open boats for Outward Bound and with groups of women, and I bring groups to work with an indigenous healer in the jungles of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico.

I have served my clients with Chinese Medicine and energy work, facilitating the transformation of consciousness to assist in healing the physical body as well as the mind and spirit.

All the practices offered in this course has been shared with clients and retreat participants for many years, and you are going to love this! They have! And I am super excited to have the chance to share this journey with you: the journey of inner transformation! Join me, the time is now!

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The Energetics of Essential Oils

Use our plant allies to shift your awareness

Tapping, Acupressure, Qi Gong, Energy Medicine, and Breath Work

So many modalities are available to us to help transform our stuck places and help us renew

Indigenous Wisdom

Use the Wisdom of Ritual and Ceremony to embrace your intuition, connect to the unknown, and to experience personal empowerment